Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - The Tuesday Night Irregulars

Annoying Wookie


I write to you this day to share another tale of my frustrating experiences regarding the wookie that I owe the life debt to. I’m sure I can hear you telling me I owe nothing from here, but you also know my answer to that. It gives me no pleasure to admit to this debt, as I would love nothing more than to gut him and skin him alive, but not only did he save me from certain death, he then didn’t kill me when he had me at such an obvious disadvantage. While the more pragmatic of our kind would call that weakness deserving of death, those of us who believe in the code recognize a debt to be paid.

I long for it to be paid.

Today found us retrieving a witness that was to testify against his superior in order for the planetary authorities to execute him. I wanted to kill the sniveling wretch, for that is true weakness, but my obligation stayed my hand, as did the desire to show up the annoying wookie in defending the wretch’s hideout against those that would kill him.

And show him up I did. 14 attackers came at the hideout and while the wookie needed 4 others to assist him with 7 attackers, only two of whom he dealt with, I dealt with 6 alone, killing 4 on the end of my pike. You would have felt the fire stir watching me deal with the fleeing one. I leaped into his flying transport, swung around the outside of it and impaled him in the side of the head, before leaping from the crashing machine and landing deftly. It was a sight to see, I am sure.

Following that, I got to punch some information out of the prey the wookie couldn’t bring himself to kill. He didn’t take kindly to me pointing out his weakness and we came to blows. The bumbling fool couldn’t even shove me successfully, he was so clumsy. As I watched him tumble to the ground after avoiding his awkward shove, I truly didn’t understand why we haven’t crushed their race.

To finish off the eventful day, I was ordered to take a woman with me to shake down a merchant for reasons I didn’t bother finding out. Once there, the woman tried to reason with him, but I had to take over to get things done. Finding out he knew nothing but had a gambling debt, I helped him reassure me that he knew nothing else. My new macrobinoculars and utility belt will come in handy in the future, I’m sure.

I will sign off now. The idiot who thinks he is in charge just threatened me if I fought with the wookie again, so I need to get a better idea of his capabilities, should I need to kill him. I look forward to the heat of our next meeting. May your hunt be successful.




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